Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17 updates!

I rode out to the farm this weekend and worked out some details.  Ultimately, we've simplified a lot so we can all just get in where we fit in.

Here's what's up:

  • We're out of car spots.  If you want a ride down on Friday evening and a ride back to SF on Sunday morning,email me (racetothemammoth{at} and we can make it work. 
  • We'll be doing Sunday, June 3, drops at the top of the hill to the Menlo Park Caltrain station.  We'll run the bus as long as it takes to get everybody to the top of the hill for a downhill ride of about 15 miles to the Menlo Park Caltrain station.  We will also still provide cue sheets all the way back to SF (via a route that differs from the route down), as well as cue sheets to get you up over the hills to the Menlo Park Caltrain station (about 30 miles from the farm).
  • We're no longer selling dorm floor spots and encouraging y'all to bring tents (the campsite area will be a fun time), but if you ain't got a tent to sleep in, we'll find a sheltered spot for you.  
  • Anybody who wants one can get a shower.  Sadie will be cooking all day (thus heating the water with the stove heat), so most people should get warm showers.  If you arrive later, you may need to take a cold/lukewarm shower, but if you're into it, you can get it.
  • We won't be hosting any bands in the dorm, but we'll have a banjo and an acoustic guitar that we can play out at the campsite as late as we want. 
  • FYI: The campsite has a water fountain (the closest to the spring) and an outhouse.  Also, you may want to bring a headlamp.
  • Since some folks were apprehensive about it, this will no longer be a rain or shine event.  If we have bad weather, WE WILL either honor the registration on a makeup date or refund your money, your choice.

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