Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thank you all!

Thanks to everybody for a ridiculous weekend! I had such a fuckin' blast, thanks to all y'all!

Photos are posted on the Flickr group! Check 'em out here and post your photos as well!

Tom's Strava profile for the race
(and the day after)

Full results are in Ty's kitchen, but what I have is:

1. Kieth
2. Riley
3. Jim

1. Vanessa
2. Caroline
3. Claire


Friday, May 10, 2013

Updates and route posted!

Remember that the casual ride will now push off at 11am and the race will push off at 11:30am. We'll be at the start by 10am to check people in. 

The route sheets:

The race and the fun ride follow the same route, racers just make the additional turns in red. 

We will print enough for everyone on race day, so please save some paper and don't print your own (unless you have some lucky stationary or something...whatever works for you).
Suggested packing list:

Lights! (Front and rear are required to ride! Good lights also help with setting up tents in the dark..or bring a flashlight)
Layers- the coast is windy.
Change of clothes to chill/party at the farm
Toiletries; mainly soap and De-O for the B.O.
Small towel
Sleeping requirements: tent, bag, ect
Pen/pencil to mark controls on cue sheet
Spare tube & patch kit, including tire levers
Cash and ID
Two water bottles!
Phone for emergency calls
Your ride/party A-Game.

We will have a good amount of room in the bus, so bring what you need, but please be considerate and keep it minimal with the luggage. There are over 40 people riding!